Selling on Kareeba

At, we give a platform to black business owners to reach millions of people worldwide so in return they can have more sales.

Your platform is here for you, to help you so you can focus on your customers. That’s why selling your products will always be free. You just need to register your store at and start adding your amazing creations.

How To sell on kareeba?

Go to and signup by creating your account as seller. It just take you 1 minute

Selling On Kareeba

On your marketplace you can sell all your amazing handmade clothing and accessories. As a Seller, you sell the following items:


  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing
  • Kids clothing
  • Accessories


Your account is free and always will be. In return to maintain your platform and give you amazing tools to you can still making your creations as nice as always, we take 0% from every single sell.

That mean if your product selling price is $10, kareeba takes 0.00$ and you take 10.00$

Fees in Details

To ensure a secure transaction between you and your platform, we rely on stripe. Stripe allows us to reduce the percentage of fraud up to 0% so you can receive your money in matter of time.